Independent Visual Productions, Inc.

Electronic Field Production Equipment List

Camera Heads:

-- Sony DXC-D30 and DXC-D30WS.


-- Canon YJ 18x984 KRS Internal Focus

   (optional w/ Canon IF Lens) Century Optics .8x wide angle adapter

-- Fujinon A18x9 BERM-24 w/ 2x extender


-- Sony BVV-5 Beta Cam SP Recorder;

-- Sony DSR-1 DVCAM Recorder


-- Sony HRV-Z1 HDV High Def Camcorder

Camera Support:

-- Sachtler 20 III Fluid Head 4 Stage Gitzo Tripod

-- Sachtler DV4 Fluid Head, 3 stage Sachtler Tripod

Field Audio:

-- Lectrosonic Receivers: UCR 205D & UCR 201
-- Lectrosonic Transmitters: UM 200C Beltpack &
UH 200C Mic Cube
-- Sennheiser K3 & Sennheiser K6 Hyper Cardiod Microphones w/ windscreen

-- Shure SM58 hand held microphone

Light Kit:

-- 1Chimera XS Soft Box
-- 3 JTL 24 x 24 in Soft Boxes
-- 2 Lowell Omni w/Barndoors
-- 1 Lowell Pro w/ Barn doors
-- Source 4 Junior pattern projector
-- 100 watt Pepper

-- 150 watt Arri


-- JVC 9in Field Monitor w/ Portabrace Hood
-- Tele Prompter

Editing is done in broadcast quality using a Matrox DigiSuite LE.
Also available is professional voice over talent
and music library.

Prices start at $95 per hour.
Call or e-mail for estimate.

Independent Visual Productions, Inc.
426 Mission Street
San Antonio, Texas   78210

Ph: 210-863-5463
Fax: 210-226-3345

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